Can you book a hotel at 18

Hi lifehacker, is it possible to stay in a hotel room if you re under 18. You can only make a booking if you are 18 years old or over. As you stay is a free app that works with hotels so that you can book for hours at a time. How to book a hotel room without a credit card usa today. As you stay lets you book hotels by the hour so you can check in anytime. Can you check in at a hotel if you are 18 years old. Travelodge hotels will allow you to book at 16 years old. If you are interested in possibly staying at a specific hotel, or at any hotel in an. The website advises, do not berate the hotel for wanting money up front when you book with a credit card, the hotel is 98 percent likely to collect your money. While 21 is the standard minimum age for booking a hotel and. As you stay lets you book hotels by the hour so you can. Legally, you can book a hotel room if you are 18 in the state of washington. Minimum age requirement for renting hotel rooms usa today. In general, the minimumage requirement to reserve a hotel room is 18, with some locations in the u.

Select your state and book your hotel room today in one of many hotels where you can be 18 to check in. Find 1282 listings related to hotels that rent to 18 year olds in chicago on. How old do you have to be to reserve or check into hotels. Can i get a hotel room in the us when i am 18 years old. If there is only one guest in a room, most hotels require you to be a minimum of 19. If youre looking for hotels that allow 18 year olds to. How old do you have to be to book a hotel room in australia.

Because they cater to students, you can be 18 years of age to book a stay and. I need to know if they will be able to at least rent hotel rooms. Hotels that rent to 18 year olds in chicago, il with. If you just turned 18 years old or are slightly older, youre in luck its. How old do you have to be to book a hotel in the uk.

If you arrive at the hotel and are under 18 years of age you will not be permitted to stay alone. Im planning a trip to melbourne, and ill be 17 and a half at the time. Although the norm is 18 years old as a minimum, reserving and checking in can. Often having a credit card is the only requirement for booking. In europe at 18 you are considered an adult and of course can rent a.

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